Eric Erdman is a storyteller with a life that gives him stories to write songs about. His guitar takes him around the world and he can write four songs from one break up. A successful Kickstarter campaign funded his new album, Not Slowing Down, that was recorded in Muscle Shoals with eclectic songs that are a mix of 70’s funk, pop rock ballads, and a reggae murder mystery. “To me, being a true artist is being a tracker. You hunt for that next spark that electrifies or inspires you and then you genuinely listen to where it is going. I wouldn't say it is leading you per se, but it will tell you where it is headed. It is then up to you to catch up.... So I search for those sparks every day, in every situation...whether it be serious, sad, happy, or funky. And when I find one that lights me up....the chase is on. It is this chase that keeps me from slowing down.”

Not Slowing Down

by Eric Erdman

Eric Plays The Listening Room 

Tonight Eric plays a unique intimate storyteller style concert at The Listening Room. The Listening Room is a brand new music venue in downtown Mobile (78 St. Francis St. Mobile, AL) that caters to the singer/songwriter/storyteller atmosphere. This is an entire different space than a typical bar or restaurant. If you love hearing the lyrics, the musical nuances, and the stories behind the songs....don't miss this.  The show will begin at 8pm. $5 donation at the door 


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