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Eric Erdman.Tim Jackson

I had a cat and a cousin, Never trusted either of em
And I can tell you why
One had aces up his sleeve and a razor in his boot
And the other’s from my mother’s side

So I’ve seen too much sneaky , hid in the graffiti
To roll your loaded dice
Under table finances, Corner eyed glances
You want your mark to play nice?

I ain’t the one, I ain’t the one

Shake or get shook, is the way of a crook
And anyone who doesn’t want to get shaken
Got to keep your wallet in your front pocket
Or it’s gonna get taken

Pigeon drop Johnny and three card Monty
Tried to feed me to their work
But I understand their sleight of hand
So when they’re looking for some kinda jerk

I ain’t the one, I ain’t the one

There’s always a punk that’ll fall for the flim flam
A sucker’s born every minute
No sooner do they see some repackaged scam
Than they’re licking their chops to dive in it


I ain’t the one, I ain’t the one

Though I spent some time cussin, that cat and that cousin
They’re the reason i got quick on my feet
I’ll pass on the lesson through busted flourescent
To any con shopping for an easy beat

I ain’t the one, I ain’t the one