From the recording It's Not Like You Don't Know Me

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I Get Carried Away
(Eric Erdman, Wes Loper)

I could never say no to the bottle
And once I am in I'm all in
Life for me has always been full throttle
And I was sure that's the way mine would end

I get carried away
The sky is never the limit
I have to have more
Excess in spades
I can't help myself when I get carried away

But baby you found something to love inside me
that I didn't even know was there
You showed me what matters most
By showing you truly care

That's the day I crawled from the bottle
left my old life in the ashtray
I kept my passion of excess but now
I use it for loving you, baby

I get carried away
The Sky is never the limit
I want you more and more
Excess in spades
But I can't help myself, I get carried away

Life is so uncertain
So I know it's urgent
That I let you know

For all you've done for me
I'll love you til the day
6 strong men come


I get carried away
I'll finally see if the sky is the limit
You make my life a better place
And I 'll be loving you, baby,
until I get carried away