From the recording It's Not Like You Don't Know Me

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That's What Love Does
(Tim Jackson, Eric Erdman)

I face firsted a gate then the bicycle followed
Lost two teeth, one that was loose and one that shouldn't have been bothered
Made a B-line for granny's couch

She painted iodine orange all over my chin
And it burnt worse than hitting that fence
I sat in her lap and cried my eyes out

But she blew on the cuts til my tears all dried
And I caught my breath enough to head back outside
With a determined smile across my busted mouth

That's what love does

She would rob a couple of dollars from the cookie jar
Stretch that monthly for purple hulls and lard
Government cheese gourmet

Chewing the fat around her table
Filled us up like nothing else was able
Cornbread repartee

Made sure we knew on which side the bread was buttered
She could whip up a feast from an empty cupboard
She always found a way

That's what love does

Now I'm sitting at her bed side counting memories
All those home cooked meals and home made remedies
Wishing I could be as good a nurse

But there's just no patch for this cancer
And as much as I'd like there to be an answer
The doctors say she's only getting worse

Guess that's more lesson for me to learn
you put yourself second in line
when it's your turn
She needs me to let her go ..and as much as it hurts

That's what love does
That's what love does
That's what love does