“Erdman’s trademark lyrical poetry slides across his warm, friendly acoustic guitar, which is 
embraced by Milham’s cool, suave brushes and Sciple’s deep baritone upright bass. Some of 
Erdman’s longtime fans might consider this album his best studio material to date.” - Lagniappe 
(Jan 17, 2018)

“(this album) reminds me of James Taylor during his ‘Gorilla’ and ‘In the Pocket’ phase of the 
late 70’s.” -Rodney Crowell

“This album is so damn rich and clean. And whoever did the mixes should be knighted” - Sally 

“Eric Erdman paints pictures and tells stories that put you in his grandma's kitchen eating biscuits and gravy at sunset, knowing you are biding your time to
stir up trouble in the hot rod hiding in the back yard under a tarp later that night.”
-Radney Foster