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from the album "Not Slowing Down"
(released 2015)


Objects in the Mirror
Written By: Eric Erdman and Hanan Browning

I could still be there in your arms
At one time, I was the love of her life
But with heartless precision I used opportunity
like a stone to sharpen the knife

Cut loose and set adrift, l
like a bottle tossed out at sea
Never knowing the message I carry inside
is just a picture of you and me

Along the drive today my memories start to interfere
I had good reasons for leaving, I tell myself, as I fight back the tears
I thought I’d left you in the rearview, but now it’s quite clear
That objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

I thought I was over you
but I can still feel the pain
every attempt at misdirecting the wants of my heart
is an attempt that is made in vain

time just keeps marching on
but it feels like it stands in one place
yeah it feels like only minutes not years have passed
Since we went our separate ways


I remember us heading out that old door
Like we'd done so many times before
Stopping to take a look at our reflection
You brushed your hair, I checked my tie
Wrapped my arm around your side
It was the picture of perfection
But you said we'd last forever and I got scared
Forever's such a long long time
Now when I'm looking behind me I see a little sign that makes me think that you were right