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Lightning Bug

You zip around like a lightning bug
and everytime I get to see your love
Something in me wants to run your way
I just wanna hear you keep on buzzing my name
and if you hide away I can’t tell just where you went
won’t you light up so that I can see you again

Lightning Bug, Lightning Bug
can't you see that i'm trying
Lightning Bug, Lightning Bug
you keep on finding a way of getting away
you're flittering - flapping - flying

I'm sitting here underneath this tree
the setting sun will bring you back to me
i've got my jar i've got my lid
i've already poked some holes in it
it's nice and cozy, warm and toasty
so why don’t you come on it
I can't wait to show you off too all of my friends



Lightning Bug, Lightning Bug
Maybe I should stop all this trying
I'm finally realizing your flittering and flying is the switch that turns the light on in me
and the only way you're mine is if I set you free

(Sarah Aili / Shelly Riff / Eric Erdman)